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Digital (RGB)

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  • .png (1024px wide, transparent background)
  • .jpg (1024px wide, solid background)

Print (CMYK)

  • .eps (vector)
  • .pdf (vector)
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Company logos

Stacked 5-stripe, color

Stacked 5-stripe, black

Stacked 5-stripe, white

Stacked 5-stripe, white

Horizontal 5-stripe, color

Horizontal 5-stripe, black

Horizontal 5-stripe, white

Horizontal 5-stripe, white

Stacked 5-stripe, color with tagline

Horizontal 5-stripe with tagline, white

Stacked 5-stripe with tagline, black

Stacked 5-stripe with tagline, white

Horizontal 5-stripe with tagline, black

Horizontal 5-stripe with tagline, white

10-stripe logos for print only

Product logos

Active Fiber Monitoring (AFM)

AFM, color

AFM, white

Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

AMF, color

AMF, white

Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF Plus)


AMF-Plus, color

AMF-Plus, white

Autonomous Management Framework Plus Cloud (AMF Plus Cloud)

AMF Plus Cloud, color

AMF Plus Cloud, white

Autonomous Management Framework Security (AMF-Sec)

AMF-Sec, color

AMF-Sec, white

Autonomous Management Framework WAN (AMF-WAN)

AMF-WAN, color

AMF-WAN, white


AT-RADIUS, color

AT-RADIUS, white


Auger, color

Auger boxed, color

Auger, black

Auger boxed, black

Auger with tagline, stacked

Auger with tagline, horizontal

AlliedWare Plus (AW+) Operating System

AW+ OS, color

AW+ OS, white

Autonomous Wave Control (AWC)

AWC, color

AWC, white

Autonomous Wave Control Channel Blanket (AWC-CB)

AWC-CB, color

AWC-CB, white

Autonomous Wave Control Smart Connect (AWC-SC)

AWC-SC, color

AWC-SC, white

Cloud Config Center (CCC)

CCC logo, color

CCC logo, white

Cloud Config Center, color, color

CCC logo, white

Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing)

EPSRing, color

EPSRing, white

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

SD_WAN, color

SD-WAN, white

Virtual Chassis Stack (VCStack)

VCStack, color

VCStack, white

Virtual Chassis Stack Long Distance (VCStack-LD)

VCStack LD, color

VCStack LD, white

Virtual Chassis Stack Plus (VCStack-PLUS)

VCStack Plus, color

VCStack Plus, white

Vista Manager

Vista Manager, color

Vista Manager, white

Vista Manager EX

Vista Manager EX, color

Vista Manager EX, white

Vista Manager Mini

Vista Manager Mini, color

Vista Manager Mini, white

Vista Manager Network Appliance

VM Network Appliance, color

VM Network Appliance, white

Certification Logos


FIPS Validated

ICSA Labs Certified

IPV6 REady

JITC Certified

TAA Compliant

Wi-Fi 6 Certified