Design Principles

Every interaction with our brand will be friendly, clear, consistent, and inclusive. This means speaking in simple terms, providing adequate visual space and contrast, implementing intuitive tools and patterns, and following ADA guidelines. We intentionally prioritize usability over beauty and entertainment.

Helpfulness, Accuracy, Reliability

Our website has a simple information architecture as well as a sitewide search feature and intuitive filtering options, offering our users several routes to the information they need. We carefully consider industry-standard terminology to provide the best organic web search results in several different languages.

Before and after each interaction, we provide helpful instructions and feedback to ensure a clear and enjoyable experience on our website and other communication channels.

We are transparent with our contact information. Several communication methods are available for our existing and potential customers, including addresses, phone numbers, web forms, a chat feature, and an online help ticketing system.

These resources are a testament to our trustworthiness and should be monitored and updated regularly.

Simplicity, Clarity, Inclusivity

Creativity should not compromise clarity—we use standard and familiar symbols and patterns in our communication design to avoid ambiguity. We use space, color, and motion to identify relationships between elements and actions—our brand does not include design elements simply for the sake of decoration.

The type system we use, including font choice, text size, color, line space, and line length are instrumental in the legibility, readability, and comprehension of the information we provide. Our visual and semantic hierarchy is easy to scan and digest. We use descriptive metadata and alt text to ensure accessibility.

Modular Design

Our design system is made of modular components that can be reused in many ways. This is true for design elements such as buttons, cards, and icons, as well as blocks of text that are relevant in several areas.

Reusing content has many advantages, including:

  • Easy to maintain, so it’s always current
  • Provides a consistent experience for our users
  • Responsive, and therefore device-independent

(Specifics will be documented in the Core Components section.)

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