User Experience Guidelines

Users of the Allied Telesis website can expect a clear and intuitive experience, along with plenty of opportunity to contact us with questions or concerns.

Microcopy guidelines

In addition to body copy, we have several components that include text. Some are meant to feature headings only, and some have space for short descriptions, followed by calls to action that may include buttons or animated text links. The specifics for each component will be outlined in the Core Components section of this document, and include considerations such as:

  • Recommended character count
  • Use of Smart Content
  • Appropriate text case (e.g., sentence, title, or all caps)
  • Using clear call-to-action words that manage user expectations
  • When to use color

User onboarding

It should be simple and intuitive to use our website. We refrain from introducing unfamiliar navigation patterns, hiding our menu items behind ambiguous symbols, or requiring investigation from our users such as hovering over specific areas in order to locate important information.

We use plain language and industry-standard naming conventions rather than creative marketing terms. We provide instructions to assist in filling out forms and clear feedback when submission is successful and specific guidance in correcting errors.


We want to be certain the information on our website and other communication channels is accessible to everyone, including those with poor vision who may or may not require the assistance of screen reading technology. This is why we employ the following in our content and design:

  • high tonal contrast
  • comfortable type size
  • descriptive meta data
  • live text instead of images
  • alt text for images
  • logical semantic hierarchy