Tone of Voice

A clear tone of voice defines how we speak to our audience at every moment in their journey with Allied Telesis.

General intent

Despite the technical nature of our business and subsequent terminology, we understand our customers are human beings. Remaining clear and friendly in our tone means making no assumptions about the user’s knowledge and therefore explaining processes and specifications (and all acronyms) to the best of our ability. It means being approachable—using conversational phrases that make our customers feel welcome and at ease.

We refrain from using quirky remarks or slang phrases that cross the line between casual and unprofessional. We know that expertise in the safety, security, and stability of our products and services is important to our customers.

Correct tone

The following are examples of the correct tone usage and the attributes that define them.

“Networks are the lifeblood that organizations rely on to survive in modern business. Whether large or small, Allied Telesis understands the challenges organizations face. With over 30 years of industry experience, we can build the secure, reliable, high-performance network your digital transformation projects need.”

  • Helpful
  • Professional
  • Earnest
  • Third-person company reference

“What’s next at Allied Telesis? From webinars to online training sessions and more, we’re here to offer education and support to customers old and new.”

  • Concise
  • Specific
  • Customer-focused

Incorrect tone

These examples show what NOT to do, and why.

“Allied Telesis networking products are light years ahead of the other guys—we can make you better, faster, stronger.”

  • Arrogant
  • Vague
  • Cliché

“Hey, we know you want to improve your bottom line. I mean, that’s why you’re in business, right? Call Allied today to see how we can help you out.”

  • Too casual
  • Disrespectful
  • Incorrect company reference (Must be Allied Telesis)

“Since the formation of Allied Telesis in the year one thousand nine hundred eighty-seven, the Company has attained pinnacle-level status in the field of technological communication, not in small part owing to its commitment to empowering its clientele.”

  • Too wordy
  • Too formal
  • Dry