Design Language

Our design language is a methodical way of communicating through our approach to product design. It’s the cornerstone of consistent customer experiences.

Corporate Identity and Brand

A brand is not what you want to be, but who you really are.

In marketing, we use the brand information as a “sanity check” against our many marketing and sales programs, advertising and even product design so our efforts are consistent and properly reflect the Allied Telesis brand. One of the key tools in applying the brand to our work is the Allied Telesis “brand table,” which represents a tremendous amount of effort in identifying the words (and their meaning) that most accurately reflect our brand.

Our brand attributes are the Allied Telesis approach to our business: things like standing behind our customers, and putting a strong emphasis on compatibility and reliability. Our brand personality traits are how we communicate. For instance, our advertising very often reflects much of our personality in the creative execution, and our attributes are evident in the message and key claim of the advertisement.

We also identify a brand principle which, in essence, represents the sum total of the experience people have with our company and our products. Our principle is based on a “total cost of ownership” business model, meaning we provide the lowest cost of network ownership: low acquisition cost, strong support programs, high reliability, and a focus on helping customers stay competitive. After all, everything we do is driven by our efforts to serve the customers who purchase and own our products.

What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is the consistent presentation of the Allied Telesis global culture. Corporate identity is a symbol that reflects the way in which Allied Telesis wants to be perceived. To create a corporate identity, you need to be consistent and have targeted marketing materials in order to maintain a positive corporate image. Our identity is the total impression we make through our products, actions and advertising. It is expressed in our brochures, videos, website, slide presentations, trade shows and even the business letters that we write.

As a company, Allied Telesis began with a unique vision of networking building blocks that has endured and advanced with the industry and technology. Allied Telesis is a company whose business is optimized for enterprise networks and solution providers, and our business model of turning “survival of the fittest” into a science has served us well from the beginning. By providing products with low life-cycle costs, our valued customers benefit from low acquisition and maintenance costs, solid support and service and competitive technology.

The qualities of our business approach are loyalty, compatibility, and reliability; in short, we provide a “smart” option among the many networking choices available today. Furthermore, the way we communicate with our many customers and contacts—and in fact our company personality—is spirited, friendly, determined and enterprising. These factors express who we are and the promises we make to our customers.

Marketing communications has taken these and many other factors into consideration in the creation of this corporate identity: efficiency, culture, brand personality and attributes, cost, competitors’ look and feel, international issues and requirements and longevity.


Finally, we have long-term brand goals, or conclusions: we want customers to view Allied Telesis as a safe choice, a smart choice, and a company they can turn to for providing the products they need. These goals are what we strive towards daily.

The purpose of this guide

At Allied Telesis, we create and manage a corporate look and feel that is consistent, meaningful and attractive. It is meant to be unique and eye-catching, yet functional and appropriate. A clear, consistent corporate identity sends the optimum message to customers and employees. Allied Telesis corporate identity helps position us in the global marketplace and creates positive company awareness worldwide. We hope this guide will help you consistently communicate and promote Allied Telesis as an industry leader.